Last updated : 10 May 2015
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 Digital Boxing

Our Digital Boxing Trainers Assistant (DBTA) is a revolutionary and unique development within the martial arts.

The DBTA is a punch cushion equipped with sensors and integrated circuitry which measure not only the reaction time of boxers, but also the frequency, intensity and quality of punches. Subsequently, the data appear on a computer screen in a discernible and accessible overview. The data also provide information on the overall fitness of a boxer. The punch cushion can also be used as a utility during exercise or when recovering from muscle injuries.

With the DBTA it is possible to take zero measurements and continued measurements. This enables one to monitor progress after specific strength- and fitness training during the course of a year. Thus, a boxer can objectively measure which kind of exercise yields the best results.

At ReAT, a number of world-class fighters have already actively used the DBTA as a utility.

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Testing at ReAT:
Rate per test: €90, VAT excl.
Test duration: 1 hour.

Test includes a print out and analysis of test results.
Appointments can be made by: phone or by email.