Last updated : 10 May 2015
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Take a look at some of the many athletes all over the world we trained, advised and treated at ReAT sports.

  • Tyrone Spong 
  • Ashwin Balrak
  • Anthony Nekrui
  • Andy Riste
  • Sergio Wielsen
  • Marco Pique
  • Andy Souwer
  • Marino Schouten
  • Ismael Londt
  • Ricardo Fyeet
  • Robert van Nimwegen
  • Henri van Opstal
Angola Congo Egypt France Ireland
  • Henriques Zowa      
  • Chris Ngimbi
  • Anthony Kane
Hong Kong Israël Malaysia Morocco Senegal
  • Secret Fighter
  • Tarik El Idrissi    
  • Ramzi Tamaditi
  • Otmar Diagne
Russia St. Maarten Thailand Brazil St. Kitts and Nevis
  • Ramazan Ramazanov
  • Lindell Philip
  • Yodsanklai Fairtex
  • Braddock da Silva
  • Kim Collins
  • “King” Mo Lawal

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