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ReAT B.V. is a company that has grown through a combination of physiotherapy and top sports.
ReAT sports, a subdivision of ReAT B.V, focuses on (top) sports training and coaching.
ReAT is our physiotherapy department, which offers specialized injury treatments, medical training, health counseling and education about healthy workplace behaviour.
ReAT tv offers instructional videos and interviews about our training philosophy.

Rayen Bindraban is the CEO of the company and he has great experience in providing training, coaching and treatment for athletes around the world. As a physiotherapist and qualified top sports coach, he has many specialities in his field of expertise. After 25 years he still continues to educate himself in order to keep track of the latest developments and to continue serving his clients with state-of-the-art methods.
Coaching at ReAT means every athlete will be excellently equipped to be the best they can be and make the most of their career.


ReAT Training System (ReAT TraSys) is a very effective principle, scientifically based on the latest research in the world of power and athletic training.
Body and mind training are fused into this system. It combines aspects of energy systems, speed, strength, endurance, agility and coordination.
Important keypoints are core-stabilty, whole body coordination, functional strength and mental power (cognitive principles to deal with exhausting).
The system has developed out of years of experience with the best athletes from different sports on the highest levels.
It is most effective for advanced sportsmen.
ReAT TraSys can be seen as a dynamic system because research on the best training methods changes every day.
To get the best of training, tailoring is very important because everybody responds in a different way on a training impulses.
This depends on the kind of sports you practice, genetic aspects, sportslevel and mindsetting.

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