Last updated : 10 May 2015

ReAT sports

Nederlandse vertaling

Power Training

Coaching and training of top-level sportsmen and sportswomen

  • Analyzing: applying physiotherapeutic assessment techniques and performance-related tests to obtain information relating to the athlete’s function and movement efficiency
  • Functional training
  • Advising sportsmen and sportswomen regarding safe and evidence-based use of equipment and training strategies

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  • determine the anatomical, physiological, biomechanical requirements for optimal performance
  • identify factors that are limiting the athlete in achieving optimal performance, by integrating the assessment findings with sport specific requirements
  • SWOT analysis: critical evaluation and synthesis of information to form a profile of the athlete’s current and potential performance

Functional training

To obtain the best result we have to take into account specific movements, strength exercises and energy systems depending on the sport specific requirements. Furthermore, it is important that there is teamwork between the athlete and the coach in order to secure the sport requirements regarding specific movements and specific start positions.

The trainings last one hour in which the warm-up is already specifically focused on the requirements of the sportsman as well as his sport. The accent will above all be on core stability. Subsequently, the focus of the training will be situated on power, endurance, explosive power and flexibility. An important place within the training is also reserved for the use of elastic energy which is stored in the muscles. The training will be different each time.


In addition to coaching in training we also focus on advising sportsmen and sportswomen on nutrition, balance between workout and rest, prevention of injuries as they are often because of a disturbance between burden en burden tolerance.